What is a PUG?

In all of the work that we do here at the Atelier de Urbanism in Timisoara, there is one major recurring theme that we always come back to: the PUG („plan urbanistic general” or, in English, „general plan”). The reason for this is clear: the PUG is the most important urban planning initiative in Timisoara’s foreseeable future. We can address the details of the current status of Timisoara’s PUG in a different post, but for now, the clear importance of the PUG raises some interesting questions, with answers that are not so clear or straightforward. In my mind, these questions are: what is a PUG? Why is a PUG important? What should a PUG do for a city in general and for Timisoara in particular? Who is responsible for producing a PUG and what process should be used to do so? What information should a PUG contain, and what information is best left to other plans and strategies?

I have some ideas for answers to these questions in my own mind, but I am interested to see what readers of this blog (and my co-bloggers) think before I post my answers. So, I would encourage you to propose some answers to these questions, either in the comments section to this post (readers) or in a new post (co-bloggers). In general, answer the question: ce inseamna un PUG pentru tine?


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  1. I think a city’s general plan functions as a goal that a city and its members attempt to achieve. It gives direction so that the entities within those who implement a city plan, public officials, investors, builders, store owners, and citizens, understand the part they should play in a city’s development. Without a plan, there is no cohesion for these entities, and their endeavors move in so many various directions that the end result is chaos. That is why the creation of a PUG is important, but must be done by an interdisciplinary team of the many facets that make up any given city. With the input of many points of view, the PUG can take into account the wants and needs of a, hopefully, representative group of city members.

  2. Un PUG trebuie sa fie regulamentul suprem al unei localitati si sa inglobeze partea de viziune a orasului. Nevoile cetatenilor ar trebui regasite in PUG, cele actuale si cele din viitorul apropiat si mediu. Ar trebui sa reflecte ceea ce doreste comunitatea si apoi sa apere interesul comun. Reglementarile PUG-ului trebuie sa ofere solutii durabile la problemele actuale si la cele ce ar putea aparea in viitor. -Naty-

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