What is a PUG?

In all of the work that we do here at the Atelier de Urbanism in Timisoara, there is one major recurring theme that we always come back to: the PUG („plan urbanistic general” or, in English, „general plan”). The reason for this is clear: the PUG is the most important urban planning initiative in Timisoara’s foreseeable future. We can address the details of the current status of Timisoara’s PUG in a different post, but for now, the clear importance of the PUG raises some interesting questions, with answers that are not so clear or straightforward. In my mind, these questions are: what is a PUG? Why is a PUG important? What should a PUG do for a city in general and for Timisoara in particular? Who is responsible for producing a PUG and what process should be used to do so? What information should a PUG contain, and what information is best left to other plans and strategies?

I have some ideas for answers to these questions in my own mind, but I am interested to see what readers of this blog (and my co-bloggers) think before I post my answers. So, I would encourage you to propose some answers to these questions, either in the comments section to this post (readers) or in a new post (co-bloggers). In general, answer the question: ce inseamna un PUG pentru tine?